This page is dedicated to helping others better understand wolfdogs, their basic needs, and what it takes to be a successful and responsible owner.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before bringing a wolfdog into your home.

Why do you want a wolfdog?

Are you aware that these are high maintenance animals? Are you prepared to keep this animal for the rest of its life?

Do you know how to identify a wolfdog?

Do you know the difference between content and percentage? How are wolfdogs different than dogs?

What does a wolfdog eat and what should you tell your veterinarian?

Can I feed a wolfdog the same thing I feed my dog? Is veterinary care different for wolfdogs than other dogs? Should I tell my veterinarian that my new companion is part wolf?

Do you know what being Alpha means?

Do you know how to establish and maintain the dominant position? Do you know that wolfdogs can be very shy and require extensive socialization? Do you know the best way to correct and train a wolfdog? If you have small children, are you going to supervise play time between your child and your new pet?

What is Proper Containment?

Are you prepared for your new companion to dig holes in your yard several feet deep? Are you aware that they will often pull up your shrubs, small trees, and eat your furniture? Do you have adequate containment to hold a wolfdog? Are you planning on keeping this animal in your home?

Can you legally own a wolfdog?

What are the laws in your state? Are there any county or city ordinances against wolfdogs where you live?


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