Formula #1


10 Days- 15 Days:


          1 cup powdered Lambs milk replacer or Goats Milk

          ¼ cup Gerbers Rice Cereal

          1 T Plain Fat Yogurt

          1 Egg Yolk

          1 jar baby food

          2 ml Poli Vi Sol vitamins

          1 tsp Gelatin

          1 T Karo syrup


16 Days – 35 Days


          1 cup powdered Lambs milk replacer or Goats Milk

½  cup Gerbers Rice Cereal (increase up to ¾ c)

          1 T Plain Fat Yogurt

          1 Egg Yolk

          1 jar baby food

          2 ml Poli Vi Sol vitamins


5 weeks – 6 weeks


          1 cup powdered Lambs milk replacer or Goats Milk

¾ cup Gerbers Rice Cereal

          1 T Plain Fat Yogurt

          1 Egg Yolk

          1 jar baby food

          2 ml Poli Vi Sol vitamins

soak 1 cup Purina Proplan puppy food with 8 oz of formula & begin to wean pup from bottle


6 weeks –


Eliminate bottle all together

          Pour formula over dry puppy food


7 weeks –


          Eliminate formula




Formula #2


          12 oz boiled water

          12 oz evaporated milk

          4 oz plain yogurt

          1 egg yolk

          1 jar strained baby meat

          1 tsp Gelatin

          1 tbl Karo syrup

          ½ tsp Bone meal

          1 tsp Baby Vitamins


Dissolve gelatin in boiling water; add other ingredients to blender and spin until well blended.  Add boiled water and spin again; refrigerate unused portion; do not make too much in advance.




Formula #3


          1 cup of “Just Born”

          1 cup boiled water

          2 egg yolks

          1 tsp Gelatin

          1 tbl Karo syrup

          Goats milk (fresh or canned – if canned reconstitute with equal part water)


Mix above ingredients in blender except goat milk until well blended.  Add an equal amount of goat milk to above ingredients and spin again.  Refrigerate unused portion; Use within 24 hours.



Formula #4


          From 5-10 days old

                    1 cup Esbilac powdered formula (original formula)

                    2 cups Pedialyte

                    ½ tsp Canine Red Cell

                    1 tbl hi-pro instant baby cereal

                    1 jar baby food (beef)

                    mix above in blender until well-blended

          From 11-14 days

                    Decrease pedialyte to 1 cup

                    Add 1 cup boiled or distilled water

          From day 15 to weaning

                    Replace Pedialyte with 1 cup of boiled water

                    Add 1 fresh chicken liver



Formula #5 


          From 12 days to teeth break (maybe a week)

                    4 cups of Esbilac mix

                    1 jar baby food (meat)

                    1 tsp Canine Red Cell

                    1 tbl Karo syrup

                    ¼ cup baby rice

Blend and feed every 6 hours.  Get up to 8 hours within a week.


          From teeth break for one week

                    2 cups of Esbilac mix

                    2 cups of distilled water

                    ½ cup crushed Bil-Jac

                    1 tsp Canine Red Cell

Use larger hole nipple.  Make sure Bil-Jac is fully dissolved


          The next week

Reduce Esbilac and increase Bil-Jac and water to where you only need ¼ cup of Esbilac

                    1 tsp Canine Red Cell


When teeth are fully erupted, start feeding dry Bil-Jac kibble.  Can be mixed with another brand as long as nuggets are small.



Other tips/tricks


1.     Gelatin is used to prevent infantile cataract; if you use Esbilac.

2.     From day 8, add couple tbls of baby rice cereal to add bulk to the formula.

3.     You can eliminate yogurt from formula if you use Bene-Bac gel to develop healthy bacteria.

4.     You can add Nutri-cal or Pounds Plus to formula to increase caloric content and stimulate appetite.

5.     From day 14, you can start using dry dog food (Bil-Jac, Diamond, Eukanuba, Iams) ground up in formula to make a thin gruel.  DO NOT use Purina puppy as a replacement.  It will cause severe diarrhea, but does have something to help bind the dry food to the liquids.

6.     Nipples – we used Johnson nipples.  They are clear, cross-cut and very soft and come in infant and 1 year old sizes.  Easy to convert to 1 year nipple when formula is thickened.  Puppies seem to respond to these very quickly.

7.     Always keep an alternate formula on hand.  Not all puppies respond well to a particular formula.




Formula #6 

24 oz goats milk

6-8 oz Plain Yogurt (not non-fat)

1 Egg yolk

4 oz Baby food – beef

¼ c Rice cereal  (increase to ¾ c as they get older)

¼ c Knox Gelatin

    ( Knox:  boil 2 cups water, 2 packets of gelatin

    Let it set up in the refrigerator)


1.  Do not over heat the formula as you will kill the culture in the yogurt

2.     Used to use Karo syrup but often caused the runs



          10 days:  1 ½ oz to 2 oz to start at 10 days  Feed every 4 hours

          15 days:  2 – 2 ½ oz

          20 days:  3 oz


At 5 ½ weeks start to give Purina Proplan puppy food soaked in formula

At 6 ½ weeks start to add coarser meat


DO NOT OVER FEED – You can kill them


Worming at 3, 5 & 7 weeks